Music is the knot tying all our weaves firmly. Amidst all of the hustle we use music as our security blanket. We use it to … Continue Reading


Kolkata is a place with its centered peculiarities and own uncanny facets. The ways of this city are a world apart, any person new to these idiosyncrasies will love and hate the city at the same time. One such chain of hangout dens in the city, showcasing the real spirit of the city on one … Continue Reading

Machiners Paradise

After a struggle of 200 years to free ourselves from the shackles of slavery and poverty we achieved a right to live and thrive on our own terms. On the dawn of 15th of August,1947, our country had a taste of freedom but along with that tailed the impending troubles of a shattering and backward … Continue Reading

Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus6

Applique is a fully responsive Fashion blog theme that designed with style publishers in mind! We keep things simple and elegant to make sure any fashion blogger—even those without IT background, can use it. We believe that a blog theme, should feel fluid, light, and intuitive. That’s what we are aiming to make with applique, … Continue Reading