After a struggle of 200 years to free ourselves from the shackles of slavery and poverty we achieved a right to live and thrive on our own terms. On the dawn of 15th of August,1947, our country had a taste of freedom but along with that tailed the impending troubles of a shattering and backward economy, the country had endless desires and needs along with the ever-low ability to achieve.  With unfailing determination and compassion, India has finally placed itself on a global pedestal.

70 years down the line, the luxuries that we`d dreamt of owning have now become a reality. To celebrate and felicitate this accomplishment Kolkata witnessed an event organized by an entity called “MACHINERS PARADISE”; which was a perfect reflection of the term luxury.


How would it be if you saw all your dream cars parked in a row?


How would it be if you were taking your normal morning stroll and saw an array of super cars zooming past you?


That sort of a treat made Kolkata’s celebration of “Independence Day” done right.


The proud owners of Super Cars in the city came together for a drive of ________kms. From Lamborghinis to Ferrari to Maserati, the city saw it all.


MACHINERS PARADISE is an entity with Business Acumen covering Luxury segments of Cars and High end Bikes accompanied by Merchandise Items, Exclusive Toys , Cycles and followed by Off Road Vehicles. Another key aspect of their Brand includes Cafeteria with mouth watering Delicacies, Play Stations and an entire different concept of an Outskirt Cafeteria.


Here are the cars that came in for the drive to raise a toast to 70 years of Independence.

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