Durga Puja is the best time of the year if you`re residing in Kolkata. Festivity is in the air. Frolic and fun becomes a part of the city life then.

Behind this festivity is a whole array of preparations and fashioning that go along. This strenuous task is made even more difficult with the cramped and populous market places. Everyone wants to welcome the goddess in their newest best. Shopping now breaks all records because the hearts grows bigger than the wallets and needs. This is the time when the city indulges most in binge shopping.

Living for about 25 years in this city, I can put my hands down and claim this to be the best time of the year here. The markets get filled with colors along with the gloss of novelty. It`s flooded with provisions and the shopkeepers have anything but a minute to spare.

Alongside to this hulla bulla and merriment of Pujos run a setting of a section who are on the lookout for the very unique and new; the normal Pujo collection will be anything but enough for them. They are on the lookout for articles and artifacts which will set them apart from the mundane, their want for standing out in the crowd makes them reluctant towards the usual markets and draws them to exhibitions and fairs which showcase and display inert talents and give the city folks a chance to indulge in a style that`ll set them apart.

In the quest of the same experience Mrs Lopa Mundhra curated the Meena Bazar exhibition about 5 years ago. The initial event was organized to showcase her own brand named Studio EYE, the realization that the place was more than enough for her collection, she decided to include more designers in her venture, hence accommodated the work of 4 more designers. The event and the concept was an instant hit, inspiring her to host a similar event again and this time the count had increased from 4 to 15.  A series of success made her include more names and brands in her pursuit of delivering a shopping experience which allows to cater to every need of a customer.

Both the differentiating factor as well as the objective of the initiative is to be a “ONE STOP DESTINATION: TO FIND EVERYTHING UNDER ONE ROOF”.

This time again, in midst of all the festivities and frolic, Meena Bazar is all set to satiate and pamper, being held at SHISHA REINCARNATED from 11am to 8pm on the 4th of October. The exhibition promises to be nominal and fair, furnishing the wants of both the niche and middle class with utmost ease. The products will differ from designer to modest, in short there will be something for all.

Thus, don`t miss out this fantastic chance to shop Kolkata, coz this Pujo taking your style quotient a notch higher is a must!

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