Kolkata is a place with its centered peculiarities and own uncanny facets. The ways of this city are a world apart, any person new to these idiosyncrasies will love and hate the city at the same time.
One such chain of hangout dens in the city, showcasing the real spirit of the city on one hand and breaking all stereotypes on another is “Chai Break”. It stands by its name, providing a service which does ample justice to the phrase: “A brew to get you through.”

One cannot not notice the how the place is filled all through the day with groups of young adults, some catching-up, some conducting business and some just here to simply relax. Another focal point of the café is the feeling of belonging in this joint, here the crowd constitutes of daily incomers and the waiters recognize them and their tastes easily, the place houses deliberate intents and gaiety in perfect cohesion.

One might develop a number of queries regarding the origin and progression of such an entity; so grab a “Chai”, take a “Break” and go through these few answers to quench such a thirst.


In whose brainbox did the idea of such a café first emerge?

“Chai Break” is an enterprise started in 2010 by two friends named Mr Anirudh Poddar and Mr Aditya Ladsaria, not to mention the idea did pop up over a “Chai”.


What was the stream of thought behind this entity?

The founders realized the untapped potential of tea cafes in the Indian arena with a trending coffee background. For ages, we`ve taken timely offs namely “Chai Breaks” to catch up and recuperate until it`s time to get back to the grind. They wanted to introduce a zone which would be a blend of both simplicity and comfort.


How did this journey embark?

Both of these fitted young adults put their idea to service with a tiny kiosk in Millennium City at Kolkata in 2010, furthermore to weigh and measure the risks to its full extent they took a step forward with the opening of a trial cafe at Lee Road, Kolkata in early 2011. Delighted with the sparkling response they decided to open their first flagship store at Chowringhee in the year 2011.


And then?

Starting from then there has been no looking back for Chai Break, it is a chain with 8 outlets in Durgapur and Kolkata, situated in every area ranging from Alipore, Ballygunge, Sector V, Southern Avenue, Rajarhat, Elgin Road, Chowringhee and with its newest venture at Kankurgachi which will initiate from June,2016.


What can one find on the menu here?


The food is filling, delicious and extremely fresh. The Pizza served here is a favorite amidst the crowd. Along with that they even have a wide range of inviting mock-tails and rich delicious shakes which are a favored choice by many.

The sheesha service provided here also makes a mark, the staff is well trained and the preparation is done just as one wants it to be.

In brevity, there is something on the menu satiable for all.


Which are the different cuisines one can experience here?


Chai Break body is bringing in newness and venturing out with each of its new establishment. They`re continually adding new cuisines on their existing menus and experimenting with divergent tastes in their new outlets. Their Alipore branch is designed for fine dining while the Sector V avenue has included Non-veg varieties on the menu. The Kankurgachi branch also promises to instore uniqueness and modernity.


Are their services bounded by the limits of their premises?

Nope; adding to their accomplishment of obtaining a firm stance in the city`s cafe culture, they`re even venturing out as leading caterers, thus now one can easily avail their service at personal parties and celebrations.


What differentiates “Chai Break” from the others?


Chai break outlets are an ideal den both for privy meets and formalistic affairs. The place pulsates a young energy of frolic woven with purpose. Its extent of approach and uncompromising service makes it distinguished and preferred. Chai Break has emerged as a leading brand and the spirit of this joint appears to be bubbling and unstoppable.



Thus, that`s all that we have upon Chai Break.

We can`t wait to see how this brand continues to over-ride all preconceived notions and trends and comes forth as nothing less than a victor of this industry in the city.



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