Music is the knot tying all our weaves firmly. Amidst all of the hustle we use music as our security blanket. We use it to rejuvenate, we let it take us to a different space, enjoying the thrill of time travel that it carries.

When we as a generation are so fond of music, it`s evident that all our loved affairs are ought to include it.

Our musical journey has embarked since the beginning of time, be that as it may the vastness of this field knows no end neither does the quest of finding and coming up with something new in it.

The city of Kolkata appreciates and enjoys musical events and episodes just the same.

Out here, EDM has trended, BDM we`ve enjoyed and now is the time for something untrodden. Mandala melodies is what`s up.

A six year old entertainment company named Decibel has pulled out all their cards to give the city a music festival which will make one cruise through a journey allowing the melodious tones to reach and exhilarate them from their very core.



Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning “A Sacred Circle.” From generations it is firmly believed that we are surrounded by these circles of life; mandalas arising from dreams or drawn in waking life are all unconscious attempts to heal our inner self, they come to our service of wholeness.

Thus, the Decibel family has clubbed their best teams and reached out to the maximum of their resourcefulness to organize the Mandala Music Festival. They anticipate the event to assume such a nature that all of their incomers are able to draw their own zone where they can immerse themselves in the global spirit of unity and peace through music and companionship. They aim to provide a paradoxical change away from all the chaos, an intimate travel within their own inner cosmos. It will be a deliverance to showcase beauty articulately synced with harmony.


Smirnoff is the title sponsor for the event while it is powered by Budweiser. VH1 and t2 have also come on board to be a part of something so distinctive and unrepeated, taking place for the first time in the city. Decibel hopes that this “one of a kind” property of theirs will opportunely make Kolkata traceable on the musical map of the country.


The uniqueness of the event lies in its concept imbedded on the collusion of 2 genres of music. The stipulated array of Indian artists that you will find playing on the cosmo stage includes Shaan, Lost Stories, DJ Panic, Bummsquad, DJ Girish, Vikrant, Kabira, Rahul Indoria, Ronii, Joy, Ugain, Rohan G,Shabby and Mr Bose.

While on the chromos stage Ankytrixx, Kohra, Shft, Vinayaka, Dharmalogy,8 bit culprit, LEON, Rudra, Edge, Kunal G, Groove roots, Vinay, Roy, Sohail, Tabby  and VJ Philip will have the crowd charged.

Along with the music, there are plenty of other attractions in-store for the attendees like flea markets, workshops, activities, performance arts, installations, mouth watering food and alcohol at cheaper rates. “The stature of the set-up will be one the city`s never seen before, we are all set to blow you out of the mind;” said the founder of Decibel, Mr Mohnish Lama.

Hence, this is going to be Mandala, with a strong and purposeful intent of bringing International Music Festival trends to Eastern India and we can`t wait to see how it delivers.


You do catch up on this promising event and let us know what you thought of it!

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